By wearing shoes we are weakening our bodies

When Jacob and I last saw his cousin, Ian, he was wearing these crazy looking shoes and I knew I had to have them. These shoes separated each toe kind of like toe socks. I LOVE TOE SOCKS! I think they are the greatest things ever. Ian gave me the site for the shoes: Vibram Five Fingers and I bought them right away.

On the site, it talks about how we are not suppose to run in big bulky shoes and how these shoes are really good for you to wear etc. To be honest, I bought them because they are weird looking and they are like toe socks but I can actually wear them everywhere and they will protect my feet and are also good for my body.

Another person that loves Vibram Five Fingers also wrote an post about these shoes: John Bigg’s post At first he says he is not a fan of these ugly looking shoes, but then he tries them out and LOVES them and how it has improved his running and fitness.

I have yet to run in them but I have gone hiking, kayaking, walking and just wore them around. They are super comfortable and so fun to wear because so many people comment on them. A lot of people are either like “I want some” or intrigued and a bit freaked out at the same time.

I truly recommend these shoes and think everyone should get a pair!

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