Much needed update

It is the end of 2021 and so much has happened since I last posted on this blog.

I am a 13 years married, a mother of 2 and 11 years living and loving Pacifica, CA.

I am working part time for Kupenda for the Children ( BirdSwell ( was dormant for about 7 years, but I am currently in the process of re-igniting it and launching a limited edition on November 15, 2021. BirdSwell is still my passion project that combines my love for surfing, nature, ocean, art and design creating clothing, specialty products, lino block prints and greeting cards.

I am really enjoying all of the above…married, being a mom, working part time and creating for my passion project.

I am excited for what 2022 has to bring and what art and design creations I will create!


Not just depth, but breadth

I have been at Weather Underground for 4.5 months now. I have been working on a lot of great things!

I redesigned the Weather API. It was launched in April with a new responsive design layout and header. It was featured at TechCrunch NYC and will also be featured at TechCrunch SF.

I am working on the WunderMap with a great team improving its user experience. I am working on other products, but I can not discuss them until they are fully launched.

I have also gained new skills:
- Responsive Design Layout
- Agile and Scrum Methodology

I have also grown deeper with skills I had before:
- User Experience
– Personas
– User Testing

Recently at WU, we have created an indepth discovery process which really focuses on the users because the products we are creating truly affect users especially during severe weather events.

I have also decided that I need to refine and grow further in developing my own designs and have dove deeper into HTML5 and CSS3. I want my designs to be pixel perfect and it only benefits the design if a designer can build their own work.

Working at Weather Underground has been really great so far. I enjoy collaborating with my intelligent co-workers. Our design team is stacked with a lot of talent. I have been learning a lot from them and we have been working on a lot of great stuff too.

I have also learned, once a freelancer, always a freelancer. I am still connecting and doing work for new and old clients. I feel that I will always have an entrepreneurial spirit and continue to freelance in some sort of capacity.

Exciting Work News: New Job!

I have accepted a new job at Weather Underground (subsidiary of The Weather Channel) as a full-time Interactive Graphic Designer!

I have used Weather Underground for years and is a great resource to check weather, storm systems, hurricanes, winds and other weather related reports for surfing, skiing and other outdoors activities.

This opportunity will be combining my passions, design and surfing. I’ll be focusing on a new surf mobile app and surf report for the main site amongst a slew of other interesting products.

The past 3 years as a full-time design consultant has been incredible and built my business skills, added to my experience and portfolio. I have worked with and met amazing people and clients. Some have even become friends. Thank you to everyone I have worked with and for all the referrals. I am extremely grateful for everything!

I am very excited for this next chapter in my design career!

Redesign: Fitness for Every Body

Tala Stephens hired me to redesign her brand/logo, website, business card, and brochure. When she hired me, she just updated her fitness studio with new colors (pink and green) and equipment. She wanted brand consistency throughout her business and wanted to take her business to the next level.

Here are the before and after designs:

Before Logo:

Before website:

Redesigned Logos:

Redesigned website:


Always start your day off by creating something.


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