Much needed update

It is the end of 2021 and so much has happened since I last posted on this blog.

I am a 13 years married, a mother of 2 and 11 years living and loving Pacifica, CA.

I am working part time for Kupenda for the Children ( BirdSwell ( was dormant for about 7 years, but I am currently in the process of re-igniting it and launching a limited edition on November 15, 2021. BirdSwell is still my passion project that combines my love for surfing, nature, ocean, art and design creating clothing, specialty products, lino block prints and greeting cards.

I am really enjoying all of the above…married, being a mom, working part time and creating for my passion project.

I am excited for what 2022 has to bring and what art and design creations I will create!


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