Exciting Work News: New Job!

I have accepted a new job at Weather Underground (subsidiary of The Weather Channel) as a full-time Interactive Graphic Designer!

I have used Weather Underground for years and is a great resource to check weather, storm systems, hurricanes, winds and other weather related reports for surfing, skiing and other outdoors activities.

This opportunity will be combining my passions, design and surfing. I’ll be focusing on a new surf mobile app and surf report for the main site amongst a slew of other interesting products.

The past 3 years as a full-time design consultant has been incredible and built my business skills, added to my experience and portfolio. I have worked with and met amazing people and clients. Some have even become friends. Thank you to everyone I have worked with and for all the referrals. I am extremely grateful for everything!

I am very excited for this next chapter in my design career!

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