Valuable Business Partnerships

“Major breakthroughs are likely to come from multiple, specialized brains, rather than the jack-of-all-trades.”

As an independent designer, I realize that I need partnerships to make my clients projects succeed.

Top business partnerships I depend on are:
- Web Developer
- Printer
- Writer
- Photographer

Some clients and companies want a hybrid designer that both designs and codes. Personally, my creativity, passion and expertise lies in visual and user experience design. I know HTML/CSS, but I will never claim to be an expert. My partnership with a web developer is invaluable. When I collaborate with web developers, we discuss ideas which often enhance my design solutions for client projects. It is part of my job to stay knowledgeable on the latest technologies and design trends, but I depend on web developers to implement the code and backend technologies.

When I am creating a print project, I need a printer to execute the final product. It is valuable for me to be able to refer a competent printer to my clients. I always get asked who I recommend for a printer. Thankfully, I have found some great printers in my area that I can trust to do a high quality job.

With both web and print projects, my clients need writing. I always brainstorm with my client on how to implement design and marketing ideas, but the actual writing is not my expertise. In the past, I have been asked to come up with writing, but I always refer my client to a professional copywriter.

Often times, my clients will use stock photos for their projects, but once in awhile they want custom photography. I enjoy photography, but this does not mean I consider myself a professional photographer. I have created a network of professional photographers. I will always refer to them when my client asks me about custom photography.

I have knowledge in each of these areas, but I will not claim to be an expert. My expertise lies in design and I want to purely focus on design, usability, and communicating my clients needs. I think that being an expert is much more valuable than being a jack-of-all-trades. When you are specialized, you are able to claim you are an expert in an area that you are truly passionate about rather than spreading yourself too thin in multiple professions.

I find that my clients and partners are both grateful that I refer them. My client gets highest quality work and my partners get work that they are passionate about. It is a win win situation for everyone.

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