Inspiration Tank

“The wider your inspiration the more unique your fingerprint will be.”

I try to step away from my desk and familiar surroundings to fill my inspiration tank as much as possible. If I don’t take time to do this, my creativity and life become stale.

When I studied abroad in Italy for five months, I was immersed in world-class art created by Renaissance masters. My imagination was constantly flowing with ideas and inspired by my surroundings. Seeing artwork in person allowed me to see details that pictures often muddle. I saw so much beauty in Italy and other European countries that I visited.

My inspirations are often drawn from:
- ocean & nature
- surfing
- art & design
- traveling
- music
- conversing with interesting, intelligent and captivating people

Each of these really fulfill me in different ways and are very beneficial to my creativity and process.

Recent Inspiration:
Jean Paul Gaultier at the deYoung Museum. His body of work is immense and diverse.



Paper Jellyfish created by Patti Valentine. I stumbled upon her work in Bodega Bay in a local restaurant. Beautiful detail and execution. These photos do not justify her work. They are stunning in person.



My next inspiration trip:
Cartoon Art Museum of San Francisco

Lastly, where do you find your inspiration?

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