Example of My Illustration Process

I create a lot of custom logos, graphics and illustrations for clients.

I was recently hired to create a new brand identity, illustration and website for a new venture called: Pitching Injury Prevention. The site is still in process, but I have completed the logo and a custom informational illustration showing the process of a baseball pitch.

My client is a pitching coach and demonstrated the proper mechanics and he also gave me rough sketches. I also did my own research and looked at different images of professional baseball players.

The following images show the process of my client’s initial sketches to the final product that I created.

Client drawing #1:

Client Drawing 1

Client drawing #2:

Client Drawing 1

My sketches after doing days of research:


The client and I went back and forth 3 times to get the perfect pose for each position:


Final Product:


Illustration Detail:


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