Power of BNI

Since moving to San Francisco, CA, my design consulting has taken off to another level. I have had steady clients and work since I moved here and joined Business Networking International (BNI).

Today in the BNI meeting I talked about how BNI has benefited me. I talked about the 3 C’s:

• Connections:
When Jacob and I moved to San Francisco Bay Area, we didn’t know anyone. I went to a BNI meeting and decided to join and right there I met 30-35 new people that were willing to do business with me and also refer my business out to their networks. I have created invaluable relationships with these connections that I now call my business partners and friends.

• Collaboration:
In the past few months, I have collaborated with other BNI members (Joanne, Elinor, Sam and Kevin) to create a “Start Up Marketing Package” for people who are starting up their business or someone that wants to redesign/revamp their brand and business at a very good price. We have met and hashed out our ideas to create a process that combines all of our services that will benefit a small business owner.

• Clients:
Like I mentioned before, I recently moved to SF bay area from Boston and had East Coast clients, but had zero clients here. I have had the pleasure to work with BNI members and help them with their graphics. I have also gained clients because of referrals I have received from BNI members from their networks and connections.

There are other things I have benefited from BNI, but these are definitely the top 3 things that I have gained.

If you are a consultant or have a business and want growth, I really suggest checking out BNI!

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