iPad 2!

I ordered my iPad 2 online at apple.com and was estimated to arrive in 5 weeks, but I got it in 3 weeks! I got it last Friday (4.8.11) and I am loving it! I got an iPad so I can use it at client meetings and for iBooks. I already bought, “The Brand Gap” and already started reading it. It is really interesting and it was recommend by my friend, Rachel.

When the iPad 1 came out, I didn’t think it was worth it but I played with it and fell in love with it. I patiently waited for the iPad 2 because I wanted a camera for Skype to stay in touch with my family and friends on the East Coast. I can do Skype on my Mac Book Pro too, but this is much easier to travel with. I know that an iPad 3 is probably already being worked on, but iPad 2 is definitely a step up from the iPad 1.

I got a smart cover and a screen protector as well. I am really happy about my new device!

If you know of any good iPad apps suggestions or any book suggestions please leave a comment below. Thanks!

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