I haven’t posted in this blog in about a year and a lot has changed since then.

I have been freelance designing and started my own venture, BirdSwell ( – a surf inspired clothing company. I update the BirdSwell Blog on a regular basis and it is about BirdSwell events, news, and surfing.

Besides freelancing and BirdSwell, Jacob and I have also moved our whole life from the East to the West. We are now living in San Francisco, California. Jacob got a new job in at Engine Yard in SF and we moved to CA at the end of September. We have been here for a month and love it here. We have met a bunch of surfers and new friends through twitter. Jacob’s co-workers are really fun too. They have weekly game nights and some of them surf too.

As we get settled here, I am going to look for design work and market BirdSwell on the West Coast. I also want to go to some SF AIGA events and network with people in the SF area.

A lot has changed, but all for the best and really excited about all the new adventures to come!

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