Sparking my passions!

I finally set up my art studio in our house. Honestly, I hadn’t set it up out of pure laziness. Now that it is set up, I have been working on two different oil paintings. I am very excited that I have finally made time and made it more of a priority to delve back into my fine art passion. I forgot how much I love fine arts and getting my hands dirty.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE DESIGNING but painting is completely different medium. I love mixing colors and having the images that float around in my head come alive through oil paints. I can just paint and express myself letting the creativity of my mind come out! It is really freeing and exciting!

I have also been surfing a lot lately. Catching a beautiful wave is so exhilarating!!! It is probably the hardest feeling to describe when you are connected with a wave and zooming down the face of the wave. Being connected with the ocean, an earthly element that is so powerful (can be deadly) is a spiritual and amazing experience. I know, I know I sound like a crazy person, but once you catch the stoke you will never stop surfing. I think surfing is really addicting. I always want one more wave to top the last one or one more wave just to feel that amazing feeling – the adrenaline of catching the wave.

Passions are so important and I was starting to forget how much they keep me going!

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