June 13th - AIGA Design Event: Gourmet Typography

AIGA Event: Gourmet Typography

This event was taught by a woman named Ilene. She was extremely knowledgeable and is a typographer. She was very witty and clever as well.

I learned a lot and I also met some new people/designers which was also very exciting. I always like meeting new people and it was a lot of fun to talk and be with creative people that work in the same industry as I do.

The first activity that we participated in was drawing the missing letters in the alphabet. We got to choose between different fonts and I choose a sans serif because I thought it could be easier. However, it was quite the opposite. We drew in the missing letters and then we critiqued our letter forms. Everyone’s letter forms were really off.

Ilene spoke about how each letter is created with an enormous amount of detail. Often times, the letter r is shortened because if it weren’t it would run into other letters and create unnecessary negative space. She also talked about how a lot of people think that the letter X is perpendicular but often times the legs are skewed and off center. It was really interesting to think about letters in a different way that I have before.

She also talked about different techniques to use in print design and how web design is lacking in the typography practice. I completely agree. After we talked about different techinques like kerning, em and en dashes, hyphens, etc. we critiqued book covers and different print design that utilized really bad typography usage.

This was really interesting because it sharpened my eye to typography mistakes that people often don’t pay attention to.

Over all, this event reminded me of the typography classes that I took in College, but it was really good refresher. I enjoyed the alphabet exercise and the information about the letter R and X. If you are a designer, and want to expand your knowledge about typography, I recommend this event.

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